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End of Year AV Entries


The MCC Audio Visual Group meets at the clubrooms on the third Wednesday of each month at 8pm.

When there is a 5th Monday in a month, we have a 'No Rules; Show & Tell' meeting, also at 8pm. The aim being to share and get feedback on your project, and watch AVs from other sources. For more information about our 5th Monday meetings, click here.

The aim of the group is to promote an understanding of Audio Visuals (AVs) and to teach members how to make their own presentations. We also hope to encourage members to participate in the various AV competitions and exhibitions that take place during the year, particularly the AV section in the MCC  End of Year competition.

Topics covered will include all aspects of the creative process, including useful techniques and the hardware/software requirements to produce and present an Audio Visual.

If you would like to know more about Audio Visuals, come along to the Audio Visual Group meetings (see dates below). The coordinator of the group is John Spring and he may be contacted via email.


We define "Audio Visual" (AV) as a planned sequence of overlayed and/or merged images that have transition effects between each image. Also known as "Sound Slides" and "Diaporamas", an AV usually includes images, sound, credit text and sometimes maps and graphics.

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The following link outlines the history of Audio Visual and The Melbourne Camera Club's involvement through the Audio Visual Group.

History of the Audio Visual & MCC AV Group

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The 20th February meeting of group will see guest speaker Heather Prince President of the Geelong Camera Club and a well regarded  AV maker (iMac& Fotomagico) coming to talk and show 'My style and processes for AV production'. Heather has won interclub AV awards and worked very successfully in AVs for many years. Her approach to AV making will be a great inspiration for all who attend.



2018 End of Year AV Competition Results

Category 321:


Linda Zwierlein (All Roads Lead to Deni)

Highly Commended:

Peter Tredrea (The Battle)

John Spring (Historic Pyalong timber trestle bridge)

Jane Clancy (The Ballet Dancer)

Category Open


Linda Zwierlein (Scoresbysund)

Highly Commended:

Barbara Butler (Yawuru Welcome)

Robert Cutting (The SmokeThat Thunders)

Jane Clancy (Lady Thornrose)

Click here for the 2018 EOY Awards Presentations Slideshow


5th MONDAY Show and Tell – NO RULES – all welcome – Monday April 29th 8pm

The first 2019 ‘Show and Tell’ 5th Monday evening is this month, and all are welcome. Our AV Group needs new and exciting photographers with ideas and productions that spark recognition and entertain. It’s a challenge for discussion and inspiration with the possibility of completing a production for entry into the Club’s End of Year competition.



For copies of AV Group Newsletters, click this link AV Group Newsletters


--- MEETING DATES 2019 ---

All meetings commence at 8.00pm at the clubrooms.

Wednesday, 20 February

Wednesday, 20 March

Wednesday, 17 April

Monday, 29 April (Show & Tell)

Wednesday, 15 May

Wednesday, 19 June

Wednesday, 17 July

Monday, 29 July (Show & Tell)

Wednesday, 21 August

Wednesday, 18 September

Monday, 30 September (Show & Tell)

Wednesday, 16 October

Wednesday, 20 November

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