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*Photo credit for various images and montages above - John Spring and Rod Carruthers.


The MCC Audio Visual Group meets at the clubrooms on the third Wednesday of each month at 8pm.

When there is a 5th Monday in a month, we have a 'No Rules; Show & Tell' meeting, also at 8pm. The aim being to share and get feedback on your project, and watch AVs from other sources. For more information about our 5th Monday meetings, click here.

The aim of the group is to promote an understanding of Audio Visuals (AVs) and to teach members how to make their own presentations. We also hope to encourage members to participate in the various AV competitions and exhibitions that take place during the year, particularly the AV section in the MCC  End of Year competition.

Topics covered will include all aspects of the creative process, including useful techniques and the hardware/software requirements to produce and present an Audio Visual.

If you would like to know more about Audio Visuals, come along to the Audio Visual Group meetings (see dates below). The coordinator of the group is John Spring and he may be contacted via email.


We define "Audio Visual" (AV) as a planned sequence of overlayed and/or merged images that have transition effects between each image. Also known as "Sound Slides" and "Diaporamas", an AV usually includes images, sound, credit text and sometimes maps and graphics.

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The following links outline the history of Audio Visual and The Melbourne Camera Club's involvement through the Audio Visual Group.

--- NEWS ---

November 2017

New MOVIE or VIDEO Group Under Consideration by the MCC Board

Recently announced in the eMCC of Sunday September 17th  “…A special interest group for video enthusiasts is under consideration…” by the Board. The submission by Peter Walton for an separate ‘Video’ Group which I hope will be called the ‘Movie Group’ is proposed to be trialed soon. The Australian Photographic Society has a Movie Division and perhaps there in lies the potential direction of a similar group at MCC. There are many production and guidance rule similarities between Movie making and AV production so there should be a great deal of cross flow if and when this new group comes into existence.

The first meeting of the group will be on Thursday 23 November at 8.00pm at the clubrooms.


News from PhotoDEX  -  first upgrade to new version 9 of Proshow GOLD & PRODUCER

PhotoDEX has announced a new build version 3782. This has been made available for download to upgrade the original release of version 9.0.3769  My recent experience is that there are still audio bugs but it could be new audio processes and sync’ procedures that are needed to be used more frequently?

It’s ProShow’s 15th birthday - 15 years ago in 2002 it was launched - one of the first and only software programs for creating quality audio visual shows on the PC-Windows platform. Still one of the best aroundIt’s ProShow’s 15th birthday - 15 years ago in 2002 it was launched - one of the first and only software programs for creating quality audio visual shows on the PC-Windows platform. Still one of the best around

What's new in ProShow :-
Producer 9 :-
Gold 9 :-     

ProShow 9 version checking for up-grades to older licensed versions

If you have purchased Proshow Gold or Producer in the last 12 months you should be able to upgrade to version 9 (download) at no cost. Subsequent releases will also be free for 12 months. PhotoDEX has a web page to help you sort out if you are entitled to an upgrade at no cost.

Photodex ProShow Discount Offer
John Spring has negotiated a discount offer on Photodex's ProShow.  See here.

MCC 2017 End of Year Competition was Judged Saturday November 11th at the Clubrooms
The three independent and experienced Audio Visual Competition Judges were:-

Jan Burt an AV producer from the Rosanna PC
Julie Bird an AV producer from the Knox PS
Alf Kuhlmann a professional AV producer from Reel Pictures

Ten Audio Visual entries were received for the Clubs 2017 End of Year competition.

Results for the AV competition will be announced at the Club’s Social and Trophy Presentation evening in the Clubrooms Thursday evening December 14th. A general all-encompassing comment agreed by the End of Year AV Judges was that the 2017 entries were significantly improved over previous years' AV entries.

Audio Visual Group – Presentation of AVs night – Thursday December 7th.
This presentation event has become annual event for AVG members to present the best of their years AV productions at a General Meeting of the Club.  A selection of AVs will be based upon the 10 entries for the End of Year AV competition for spanning an hour and a quarter in projection time.

End of Year Exhibition of Prints, Projected Images and Audio Visuals –  two weekends

The End of Year Exhibition will be available for viewing by members and the Public over the weekends of Saturday 2nd and 9th plus Sunday 3rd and 10th of December 2017 between 11am and 5pm.

AV of MCC EXHIBITION – ‘Silver Prints from the Golden Age of Photography - 1900 to 2000
This recent exhibition by the club’s History & Archives Committee was a success and the catalogue has now been made into an Audio Visual available for viewing on YouTUBE at URL

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November 15

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