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*Photo credit for various images and montages above - John Spring and Rod Carruthers.


The MCC Audio Visual Group meets at the clubrooms on the third Wednesday of each month at 8pm.

When there is a 5th Monday in a month, we have a 'No Rules; Show & Tell' meeting, also at 8pm. The aim being to share and get feedback on your project, and watch AVs from other sources. For more information about our 5th Monday meetings, click here.

The aim of the group is to promote an understanding of Audio Visuals (AVs) and to teach members how to make their own presentations. We also hope to encourage members to participate in the various AV competitions and exhibitions that take place during the year, particularly the AV section in the MCC  End of Year competition.

Topics covered will include all aspects of the creative process, including useful techniques and the hardware/software requirements to produce and present an Audio Visual.

If you would like to know more about Audio Visuals, come along to the Audio Visual Group meetings (see dates below). The coordinator of the group is John Spring and he may be contacted via email.


We define "Audio Visual" (AV) as a planned sequence of overlayed and/or merged images that have transition effects between each image. Also known as "Sound Slides" and "Diaporamas", an AV usually includes images, sound, credit text and sometimes maps and graphics.

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The following links outline the history of Audio Visual and The Melbourne Camera Club's involvement through the Audio Visual Group.

--- NEWS ---

August 2017

8pm Wednesday evening August 16th 2017 – Professional AV Maker - Alf Kuhlmann

A special AVG night with a presentation from professional AV maker Alf Kuhlmann from Reel- Pictures Studio in Footscray. Play their production show reels from -

“......Reel Pictures - Creating content for a variety of end uses, specialising in television commercials, character animation, medical visualisation, logo design/animation, architectural simulation and motion graphics for corporate presentations......”

Alf has been to our Audio Visual Group previously and brings a great deal of industry experience as well as student teaching expertise from his classes at Swinburn University. Reel Pictures was founded by Alf in 1993 and has a long history in 3D animation and other client driven advertising and presentation technologies. Many of the script concepts and production processes are similar to the issues that amateur Audio Visual makers are also faced with. This is an opportunity to see, hear and ask why a professional does it one way or another and how the advise may help you with your Audio Visual productions.

At the July 31st AVG ‘5th. Monday – SHOW & TELL’

At the 5th Monday Show & Tell six Audio Visual productions by five authors were shown and discussed.

Alan’s Audio Visual,  ‘UKIYO-E‘ follows a previous Japanese theme this time dealing with the history of Japanese woodblock printing. The accompanying Japanese music distinguishes Alan’s AV like no-other of our traditional Audio Visual productions.

Chris showed his ‘The Franklin River’,  a wonderful and complete surprise not because of the old ‘Franklin River’ digitized film images but because of the wonderful audio track that he multi-mixed with ‘garage- band’ on his Mac. The audio stood out and Chris deserves credit for a very clever and effective audio track. 

John explained and played an audio and showed a video clip of a yet to be completed ‘Oral History’ project involving recording interviews with experienced CFA Brigade Fire Captains. Magical moments with devastating fires along with heart rendering personal losses make for a compelling story of why and how CFA volunteers are at the heart of all rural towns. 

‘Victoria Falls – The Smoke that Thunders’ was the first of two Audio Visuals by Robert. The stand out feature of this AV was the video sequence of a helicopter ride at wave height level down the Zambezi River after It  plummets over a cliff into the Boiling Pot before continuing through a series of gorges. You can view Robert's AV on our YouTUBE channel at

Robert’s second documentary Audio Visual ‘On the Fall of the Hammer’ tells the story of Melbourne’s Newmarket Livestock sales yards which went for 126 years from 1861 to 1987. 

Jean-Claude provided an outback tour-de-force Audio Visual of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges. It went well over the time limit but was constructed with visually beautiful land and big tree scapes that resonated with the typical deep reds and yellows of the outback. 

APS Autumn National AV competition Judged Sunday 6th of August

AV entries were in 5 categories – see APS web site at
Note that the 5th category is ‘Fusion’ – “...The sequence will portray any subject, story or theme through the use of still images and video. The video content must not be more than 20% of the duration of the whole sequence. Any combination of text, narration, music and sound effects may be used...”

The 2017 AVG Theme of ‘Street Art’

Defined and set this year by AVG member Robert Fairweather – his explanation of the theme is that it should be more than just street art hot spots like Melbourne’s Hosier lane and the graffiti walls of Fitzroy. Look at your local streetscapes, parks, and suburban shopping centers for public accessible ‘art’. This could include abandoned car lots, murals, stickers, stencils as well as the traditional painted works of art.

The 2018 VAPS Convention to be in country Warrnambool

The 2017 Frankston convention was a great success with attendance numbers reaching 253 delegates and others. The Saturday night convention dinner was the largest seen for many years with 201 persons attending including guests. The location of the 2018 VAPS Convention has been announced and will be held in country Warrnambool over the weekend of May 25-26-27 2018.

Registration forms and other Convention and programme information will not be available on the VAPS Web site from around February 2018.

Pictures to Exe Version 9 available

After much anticipation PTE 9 is now available. There are major improvements to this popular AV software. Details can be viewed at

New Version of Audacity 2.1.2 -  Audio Editor
URL:  Audacity is a free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. You can use Audacity to:

News from PhotoDEX

The ProShow Blog Newsletter is worth subscribing to if you are a ProShow user – see their home page   

New version 8 of Proshow GOLD & PRODUCER

ProShow website
New in ProShow GOLD version 8
New in ProShow PRODUCER version 8
Comparison between Gold & Producer

ProShow 8 New Features

Photodex ProShow Discount Offer
John Spring has negotiated a discount offer on Photodex's ProShow.  See here.

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