2011 End of Year Awards

     MCC Monthly 'Print' Competition - Aggregated Scores 

Winning Photos can be seen below the results

A Grade

Len Mullumby Trophy                                      Darren Bennett

2nd                                                                Norman Blaikie

3rd  equal                                                      Ray Huntley

3rd  equal                                                      Judi Mowlem

B Grade

Leigh Hawke Trophy                                        Ian Holdsworth

2nd                                                               Ray Farrugia

3rd                                                                Mal McKay

Novice Grade

Peter Hunter Trophy                                      Frances Egan

2nd                                                               Shelly Black

3rd  equal                                                     David Thompson

3rd  equal                                                     Bubbles Segall

Open Set Subject

1st                                                                Darren Bennett

2nd                                                               Gary Richardson

3rd                                                                Frances Egan


     MCC Monthly 'EDI' Competition - Aggregated Scores

A Grade

1st                                                                Rob Featonby

2nd                                                               Boaz Lahav

3rd  equal                                                     Marg Huxtable

3rd  equal                                                     Phil Marley

B Grade

1st                                                                    Steve Spencer

2nd                                                               Nino Xerri

3rd                                                                Sheryl Opie

Open Set Subject

1st                                                                Nicole Andrews

2nd                                                               Rob Featonby

3rd                                                                Sandra Eichler


                                                                 Queenie Gatt Trophy

                                    (Awarded for outstanding non-photographic contribution to the club)

                                                                        Mal McKay


                                                         2011 Photographer of the Year

                                                           (Sponsored by Bond Imaging)

                                                                     Darren Bennett


     2011 'End Of Year' Print Competition Winners


Crosby Morrison Trophy - Darren Bennett - 'Peek-a-Boo'

Highly Commended - Judi Mowlem - 'Catching Lunch'

Highly Commended - Ray Farrugia - 'On The Wing'


Land, Sea or Cloudscape

Charles Seymour Trophy - Darren Bennett - 'Flame Trees'

Highly Commended - Greg Aumann - 'Bridge'

Highly Commended - Ian Bock - 'Pirianda Gardens in Autumn'

Highly Commended - Darren Bennett - 'Salmon Rocks'



L.A. Baillot Trophy - Steve Spencer - 'A Ruff Life'

Highly Commended - Judi Mowlem - 'Crowded House'

Highly Commended - Steve Spencer - 'Bahraini Beauty'



Harry McConnell Trophy - Greg Aumann - 'Head Shot'

Highly Commended - Ray Huntley - 'Man with Calendar'

Highly Commended - Ian Bock - 'The Projected Image'


Figure Study

Dr. Geoffrey Smith Trophy - Frances Egan - 'BodyScape'



Best Creative Print - Ian Holdsworth - 'Vampire'

Highly Commended - Frances Egan - 'Kaleidoscope'

Highly Commended - Frances Egan - 'Venetian Masquerade'

Highly Commended - Shelly Black - 'Silhouette in Red'



Best Open Print - Judi Mowlem - 'Tidy Whites'

Highly Commended - Charles Kosina - 'Reflection'

Highly Commended - Darren Bennett - 'Truck Stop'

Highly Commended - Barb Butler - 'Mystery'


Photo Essay

Best Photo Essay - Robert Fairweather - 'Thaipusam Festival'

Highly Commended - Robert Fairweather - 'Sleepy Stall Holders'


Special Set Subject - 'After Hans Heyson'

Best Special Set Subject - Ken Warburton - 'The Drive'

Highly Commended - Frances Egan - 'Rhythm of Life'



Michaels Camera Digital Video Award for Best Colour Print

            Darren Bennett - 'The Way We Were'

            Michaels Camera Digital Video Award for Best Monochrome Print

                                  Frances Egan - 'BodyScape'


                         'Photography is Fun' Trophy - The Bockey

                                       Ian Holdsworth - 'Vampire'


                                 Print of the Year

                        Judi Mowlem - 'Tidy Whites'


2011 'End of Year' EDI Competition Winners


Best Nature EDI - Gary Richardson - 'Mean Streets'

Highly Commended - Lee Harvey - 'Ocean Tumblers'

Highly Commended - John Spring - 'Harlequin Bugs'


Land, Sea or Cloudscape

Best Land Sea or Cloudscape - John Spring - 'Trentham Trees'

Highly Commended - Darren Bennett - 'Triple Swirl'

Highly Commended - Nicole Andrews - 'Dove Lake'



Alan Elliott Trophy - Steve Spencer - 'See No Evil'

Highly Commended - Leif Anderson - 'NZ Haka War Dance'



Best People EDI - Frances Egan - 'Fitzroy Icon'

Highly Commended - Ray Huntley - 'Passing By'

Highly Commended - Darren Bennett - 'Enrolment Time'



Best Creative EDI - Rachel Ferris - 'Dreamscape'

Highly Commended - Rachel Ferris - 'Red Ball'



Best Open EDI - John Parkinson - 'Running Dog'

Highly Commended - David Jacobs - 'Night Life'


                 Michaels Camera Video Digital Award for Best EDI 

                               Judi Mowlem - 'Exit Stage Right'


EDI of the Year

Rachel Ferris - 'Dreamscape'


Runner Up EDI of the Year

John Spring - 'Trentham Trees'


Audio Visual 

Best Audio Visual & Best 3-21 of the Year - Barb Butler - 'The Hope''

Highly Commended - Phil Marley - 'The Mall'

Highly Commended - Barb Butler - 'Discovering Mr Ricketts'