2014 Monthly Competition Aggregate Awards

MCC Monthly 'EDI' Competition - Aggregated Scores


Open Set Subject

3rd                                                         Karin Kowalski

2nd     (equal)                                         Joanne Rinaldi

2nd     (equal)                                         Tuck Leong

1st                                                         George Chor-Yin Chan


B Grade

3rd                                                         Robert Fairweather

2nd                                                        Kathryn Kocking

1st     Norton Hobson Trophy                 Ray Brooks


A Grade

3rd                                                         Tuck Leong

2nd                                                        Martin Clancy

1st     Albert R Andrews Trophy             Jane Clancy


MCC Monthly 'Print' Competition - Aggregated Scores


Open Set Subject

3rd                                                         Ken Bretherton

2nd                                                        George Chor-Yin Chan

1st                                                         David Ellis


Novice Grade         

3rd                                                         Mark Devaraj

2nd                                                        Susan Brunialti

1st     Peter Hunter Trophy                     Julie Ughetti


B Grade

3rd                                                         Lesley Bretherton

2nd                                                        Sharon King

1st     Leigh Hawke Trophy                    Neil Brink


 A Grade

3rd                                                         David Ellis

2nd                                                        Judi Mowlem

1st     Len Mullumby Trophy                 George Chor-Yin Chan



2014 Photographer of the Year

(The Photographer of the Year Award is for the most outstanding achiever in Print & EDI comps throughout 2014)

George Chor-Yin Chan