2016 End of Year Awards

2016 End of Year Audio Visual Competition winners

Audio Visual - Open

Highly Commended – Barb Butler for “Holding on Letting go”

Highly Commended – Ruth Burleigh for “Eyre or Bust”

Best Open Audio Visual – Barb Butler for “Chasing Shadows

Audio Visual - 3.21

Best 3.21 Audio Visual – Ruth Burleigh for “Eyre or Bust”

2016 End of Year PDI Competition Winners


Highly Commended – Eva Bellaire – “Reflections”

Highly Commended – Tuck Leong – “Three ants”


Best Creative PDI – Alan Donald – “Ghost Flight”


Highly Commended – Marg Huxtable – “Seeking Divine intervention”

Highly Commended – Judi Mowlem – “A dangerous game”


Alan Elliott Trophy – Karin Volz – “Invisible bridge claims another victim”


Highly Commended – Neil Brink – “Canadian Grey Wolf B&W”

Highly Commended – Annette Donald – “White tailed eagle”

Highly Commended – Kees Zonneveld – “Dragonfly”

Highly Commended – Annette Donald – “Juvenile Whooper swan”


Ted Rotheram Trophy – Lesley Bretherton – “Midnight Jokulsarlon”


Highly Commended – Andre Bellaire – “Monize Monochrome”

Highly Commended – Jane Clancy – “Vivianna in Blue”

Highly Commended – Martin Clancy – “Sakura”


Wilf Broadhead Trophy – Jane Clancy – “Gentle eyes”

Land, Sea or Cloudscape

Highly Commended – Lesley Bretherton – “Road to Namafjall”

Highly Commended – Andre Bellaire – “Harbour Bridge”

Highly Commended – Lesley Bretherton – “Church at Gullfoss”

Highly Commended – Jane Clancy – “Lake Wakitpu Gold”


Harry Cleveland Trophy – Jane Clancy – “Mood and Mist”


Highly Commended – Jane Barnes – “Okarito creek”

Highly Commended – Neil Brink – “Horse at 1500ft”

Highly Commended – Alan Donald – “Black & White Thistle”

Highly Commended – Kees Zonneveld – “Lily”


Grace Lock Trophy – Teng Tan – “Old Melbourne Gaol”

Projected Image of the Year

Alan G. Gray TrophyJane Clancy – “Mood and Mist”

2016 End of Year Print Competition Winners

New Member Novice 'Open'

Highly Commended – Nathan Shafter – “Another Planet”

[no Mal Mckay Trophy due to insufficient entries]

Photo Essay

Highly Commended – Teng Tan – “Madonna and Child”


Best Photo Essay – David Ellis – “The Pig and Calf auction, Warwich, Qld”


Highly Commended – Frances Egan – “Smooth sailing”

Highly Commended – Susan Brunialti – “Flinder St Station Hustle and Bustle”


Best Creative print – Frances Egan – “Under Pressure


Highly Commended – Marg Huxtable – “CFA Training”

Highly Commended – Judi Mowlem – “The View”


L.A. Baillot Trophy – John Spring – “Homeless at the GPO”


Highly Commended – Jane Barnes – “Eye to the soul”

Highly Commended – Marg Huxtable – “Perching order”


Crosby Morrison Trophy – Ken Bretherton – “Who gives a hoot?”


Highly Commended – Martin Clancy – “Green and Blue”

Highly Commended – Jim Weatherill – “Life’s not easy in Udaipur”

Highly Commended – Martin Clancy – “White Rose”

H. McConnell Trophy – David Ellis – “Craig, Royal Mail Hotel, Hungerford, Qld”


People – Figure Study

Dr. Geoffrey Smith Trophy – Teng Tan – “Figure Study #1” 


Land, Sea or Cloudscape

Highly Commended – Lesley Bretherton – “Mulafossur”

Highly Commended – Jane Clancy – “Dusted with glod”

Highly Commended – Judi Mowlem – “Galapagos trees”

Highly Commended – Peter Walton – “Halong Bay”


Charles Seymour Trophy – Jane Clancy – “Little house in the woods”


Highly Commended – Judi Mowlem – “Anyone for basketball?”

Highly Commended – Gary Richardson – “The Vines”

Highly Commended – Sue Rocco – “Windows”

Highly Commended – Kees Zonneveld – “Chrome Cube”


Best Open Print – Jane Barnes – “Silhouetted steeds”

Awards sponsored by Michaels Camera Video & Digital

Special Subject – “Tourism Victoria”

Marg Huxtable – “Girls just wanna have fun”

Best Colour print

Kees Zonneveld – “Leiden Town Hall”

Best Monochrome print

Peter Promnitz – “Beach weather on the Danube”

Best PDI

Kees Zonneveld – “Dragonfly”

“Photography is Fun” Trophy - The Bockey

Peter Walton – “Echoes of Monet”

Print of the Year

Sponsored by  Borges Imaging.

Charles Du Rieu Trophy   David Ellis – “Craig, Royal Mail Hotel, Hungerford, Qld”


2016 End of Year Awards

MCC Monthly 'EDI' Competition - Aggregated Scores

Set Subject

1st                                                              Jane Clancy

2nd                                                              Peter Walton

3rd                                                               Annette Donald

B Grade

1st     Norton Hobson Trophy                  Kees Zonneveld

2nd                                                              Peter Promnitz

3rd                                                               Barry Hogan

A Grade

1st     Albert R Andrews Trophy              Jane Clancy

2nd                                                             Martin Clancy

3rd                                                             Frances Egan

MCC Monthly 'Print' Competition - Aggregated Scores

Set Subject

1st                                                              Teng Tan

2nd                                                             Lesley Bretherton

3rd                                                             David Ellis

Novice Grade         

No awards were made as there were insufficient participants.

B Grade

1st     Leigh Hawke Trophy                      Peter Promnitz

2nd                                                             Kees Zonneveld

3rd                                                               Tina Thomson

 A Grade

1st     Len Mullumby Trophy                   Jane Clancy

2nd                                                                      Lesley Bretherton

3rd                                                             Teng Tan


2016 Photographer of the Year

Award sponsored by Bond Imaging.

Jane Clancy


Queenie Gatt Award

Frances Egan