We had a good standard of prints and project images this year and a number of individuals received multiple awards. Check out the results.......


BEST PDI Winner Jane Barnes Twirl  
Open Winner Jane Clancy Native Hibiscus  
  Highly Commended Karin Volz Zoroastrian ritual  
  Highly Commended Peter Walton Sailing Away  
  Highly Commended Jane Barnes Away at Seisia  
  Highly Commended Kenneth Bretherton Tide's Out  
  Highly Commended Tuck Leong Window View  
Nature Winner Nicole Andrews Decay  
  Highly Commended Marg Huxtable Bees Being Busy  
  Highly Commended Gary Richardson On Patrol  
  Highly Commended Gary Richardson Elephant Parade  
Creative Winner Jane Barnes Twirl  
  Highly Commended Peter Walton Blue Eyes  
  Highly Commended Frances Egan The Race is On  
Photojournalism Winner Susan Brunialti Boom!  
  Highly Commended Lesley Bretherton Business as Usual  
  Highly Commended Jim Weatherill The Chook Chase  
People Winner Nicole Andrews The best view  
  Highly Commended Nicole Andrews Company  
  Highly Commended Martin Clancy Flowers in her Hair  
  Highly Commended Peter Walton Sisterly Love  
  Highly Commended Tuck Leong Portrait Mono  
Landscape Winner Jane Clancy Fury  
  Highly Commended Kadri Elcoat Razorback Slab  
  Highly Commended Jane Barnes Autumn Reflections  
  Highly Commended Sheila Lunter Metropolis  
  Highly Commended Sheila Lunter Dawn Rainbow  
BEST PRINT Winner Mark Devaraj Chlorophyll print on fig leaf  
Open Winner Ken Bretherton Lake - Central Iceland  
  Highly Commended David Ellis Ceiling - Westfield New York  
  Highly Commended Jim Weatherill Gardens by the Bay  
  Highly Commended Susan Brunialti The Journey  
Nature Winner Gary Richardson Waiting  
  Highly Commended Jerzy Alexander Lau Australian Raven  
Creative Winner Mark Devaraj Chlorophyll print on fig leaf  
  Highly Commended Kees Zonneveld Autumn Splash  
  Highly Commended Jane Clancy Autumn Impressions  
Photojournalism Winner Lesley Bretherton Sedona Cowboy  
  Highly Commended Neil Cunningham National Gallery  
People Winner David Ellis Farmers, Maine  
  Highly Commended Jane Clancy The Reading Room  
  Highly Commended Jane Clancy Viola Concerto  
Figure Study Winner Jane Clancy Viola Study  
Landscape Winner Lesley Bretherton Black Sand Desert  
  Highly Commended Lesley Bretherton Run  
  Highly Commended Gary Richardson Mangrove Tentacles  
Photo Essay Winner David Ellis Dingley Village Men's Shed  
  Highly Commended Joyce Po Li Open Cages  
Open Winner Peter Tredrea White Night  
  Highly Commended Robert Cutting Fall of the Hammer  
  Highly Commended Barb Butler Survivor  
  Highly Commended John Spring Eulogy to the Unknown Soldier  
  Highly Commended Susan Rocco Picture a Town  
A Grade 1st Ken Bretherton    
  2nd Kees Zonneveld    
  3rd Lesley Bretherton    
B Grade 1st Jerzy Alexander Lau    
  2nd Mark Devaraj    
  3rd Graeme Diggle    
Set-subject 1st Lesley Bretherton    
  2nd David Ellis    
  3rd Jerzy Alexander Lau    
A Grade 1st Jane Barnes    
  2nd Lesley Bretherton    
  3rd Peter Walton    
B Grade 1st Sheila Lunter    
  2nd Susan Rocco    
  3rd Robert Cutting    
Set-subject 1st Susan Brunialti    
  2nd Marg Huxtable    
  3rd Jane Barnes    
  Winner Lesley Bretherton    
Yarra River Activities Jim O'Donnell Moomba Skier    
Black and White David Ellis Dingley Village Men's Shed    
Colour Kees Zonneveld Autumn Splash    
PDI Teng Tan Invocation    
THE BOCKEY        
Highly Commended Global Warming Frances Egan    
Winner Green Gravity Kees Zonneveld