2018 End of Year AV Entries

An evening of AV presentations from our 2018 End of year Competition. 

All entries into the AV category and their makers have the opportunity to share their work entered into the 2018 End of Year Competition. Meet the makers and gain insight into their craft. 

The AV Group program for the evening is shown below 

AVs 1 & 2 by Linda Zwielein 'All Roads Lead to Deni' and 'Scoresbysund'

AVs 3 & 4 by Barb Butler 'After Ramadam - the Hassam II Mosque' and 'Yawuru Welcome'

AVs  5 & 6 by Ron Cutting 'Spitfires & a Hurricane' and 'The Smoke that Thunders'

AV    7 by Ruth Burleigh 'Silo Art Documentary'

AV    8 by Charles Kosina 'Warbirds over Wanaka'

AVs  9 & 10 by Peter Tredrae 'The Battle'and 'A Month of Sundays'

AVs  11 & 12  by John Spring 'An Alpine Cathedral' and 'The Historic Pyalong Timber Trestle Bridge'

AVs 13 & 14 by Jane Clancy 'Lady Thornrose - a Modern Day Seamstress' and 'The Ballet Dancer'


Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 8:00pm