CCC Mid-week Outing

Laneways of Melbourne

This time we have chosen to discover some of the hidden nocks and crannies of the City, coupled with the wall art which has now become one of Melbounre major tourist attractions.

We will meet at the corner of Flinders St and Degraves St at 10.30am. There are a lot of cafes there to choose from.

We will set-off towards Centre Place which is a riotous mix of people eating in cafes and wall art. Then Block Arcade for some more sedate heritage ambience of ‘Marvellous Melbourne’.

Eventually we will reach Flinders St again and walk up to Hosier Lane where the most spectacular wall art will hit us. You’ll have to dodge all the young Asian tourists taking selfies (quite a photo object in itself).

The adjacent AC/DC and Duckboard Lane are equally colourful.

By this time we will have pretty well filled our memory cards, so will saunter across Flinders St to the Atrium of Federation Square for lunch at one of the restaurants.


Handout with details and map (v07)

Way-points Map (Google map)
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Way-points & Route Map (Bing map)
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Mid-Week Outing Group Details & 2018 Dates

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 10:30am