February 2018 Photowalk Community - Williamstown Waterfront and its Heritage buildings

Our first Photowalk for 2018 will be around Williamstown Waterfront and its heritage buildings. Please download the Williamstown Heritage Walk 1 brochure http://www.visithobsonsbay.com.au/media/632/hw_waterfront_hr%20final%201... and bring it along.

For MCC members, you may consider to use this photowalk to obtain your images for set-subject for February which is "Shoreline"

We will congregate in a cafe/restaurant after the walk for some light refreshments.

Meeting Point : Outside Hobson Bay Visitor Information Centre, Cnr Nelson Place and Thompson St. 

Time and Date  : 4pm, Sunday 4th February

Walk Duration:  2-3 hours

All Members and Visitors Welcome !!