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Melbourne Camera Club -History & Archives committee

Archives exhibition Oct 2017 "SILVER PRINTS FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF PHOTOGRAPHY 1900 TO 2000"


This Audio Visual production complements the historic Prints Exhibition 'Silver Prints from the Golden Age of Photography 1900 to 2000' at the Melbourne Camera Club Gallery October 19 to 22 2017. The 62 historic images exhibited have all been selected from the Melbourne Camera Club's Permanent Collection of Photography and represent some of the best silver gelatine prints of their era.



Melbourne Camera Club - History & Archives committee

" Boundaries of Victoria - A History "


A short history of the State of Victoria boundaries with the adjoining Australian states of New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania.


Melbourne Camera Club - History & Archives committee

Major Thomas Mitchell at Mount Macedon 1836 "


Major Sir Thomas Livingston Mitchell  (1792-1855) was one of Australia's greatest and earliest inland explorers. This AV documentary is from one day out of his 1836 trip diary recording his ascent and naming of Mount Macedon 80Kms north of Melbourne.  This AV is in 16ratio10 format 1920x1200 pix originally