Monthly Photowalk Community

The MCC Monthly Photowalk Community typically meets on the first or second Sunday afternoon of the month (from February to November).

This community comprises of  a good cross-section of members of the Melbourne Camera Club and the general photographic community.  The aim of our  events is to have some fun while pursuing our passion for photography and developing our social networks with like-minded individuals.

Typically we walk, talk, take photographs, have refreshments and each walk culminates with an informal dinner/drinks where photographers can get to socialise with one another and compare the day's photos.

Most of our photowalk events are between 3-6 hrs (including dinner), if you are short on time you are welcome to come along for the walk only.

Non member visitors and friends are most welcome to join in these photowalks.

Details of up coming photowalks are posted on this website and also on the MCC Facebook page.

A snippet of upcoming photowalks

  • May 2018 - Photowalk Community - Autumn Colours in Dandenong Ranges
  • June 2018 - Photowalk Community - Street Photography in the City of Port Phillip
  • July 2018 - Photowalk Community - Melbourne City Walk, Arcades, B&W

Contact : for further information.




April 2018 Photowalk Community - Street Art Photography - Fitzroy

Our April Photowalk will focus on Street Art Photography in Fitzroy. As there is a fair amount of walking please come prepared. We plan to have a couple of short rest stops in the local pubs/wine bars so that we can keep the group together. We will conclude with dinner at a local pub.

All visitors and members of MCC are welcome.

Meeting Date, Time and Location : Sunday 8 April 2018 - 2:15 pm - Outside The Workers Club Hotel, Corner of Brunswick and Gertrude Sts

Duration : 5-6 hours


March 2018 Photowalk Community - Melbourne Yarra River activities and Fireworks

Our March photowalk will centre around Moomba activities / events including shooting Fireworks. We will start with a short walk shooting images of the city and activities along the Yarra prior to shooting fireworks. We will have a short intermission during the photowalk to have some dinner at a local pub prior to setting up for the fireworks shoot. 

David Gilliver from the Melbourne Camera Club will provide a short tutorial on shooting unique Fireworks images. 

There will be some walking hence please come prepared. 

Also as we may be waiting around for the fireworks please come prepared with warm clothing particularly if the weather is cold. 

A tripod is highly desirable if you are shooting fireworks.

All visitors and members of MCC are welcome.

Meeting Date, Time and Location : Sunday 11 March 2018 - 4:30 pm - Outside Hamer Hall


February 2018 Photowalk Community - Williamstown Waterfront and its Heritage buildings

Our first Photowalk for 2018 will be around Williamstown Waterfront and its heritage buildings. Please download the Williamstown Heritage Walk 1 brochure and bring it along.

For MCC members, you may consider to use this photowalk to obtain your images for set-subject for February which is "Shoreline"

We will congregate in a cafe/restaurant after the walk for some light refreshments.

Meeting Point : Outside Hobson Bay Visitor Information Centre, Cnr Nelson Place and Thompson St. 

Time and Date  : 4pm, Sunday 4th February

Walk Duration:  2-3 hours

All Members and Visitors Welcome !!




November 2017 Photowalk - St Kilda Beach and surrounds

Our November Photowalk will be held on the first Sunday in November. We will be walking around St Kilda beach and surrounds. We will end with a social catchup at the end of the Photowalk in a Restaurant/Pub in the vicinity.

Details are as follows:

Date : 5th November 2017

Meeting time : 3pm

Meeting Location : At the entrance to Luna Park, Melbourne - 18 Lower Esplanade, St. Kilda

Note : Please bring a tripod if you are interested in slow speed photography

All visitors are welcome.
Date: Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 3:00pm


October 2017 Photowalk - Botanical Gardens

Our next Photowalk will be held on the first Sunday in October. We will be walking around the Botanical Gardens as it will be Spring time. We will end with a social catchup at the end of the Photowalk in a Restaurant/Pub in the vicinity.

Note : It will be day light saving commencement - hence pls note that we will have an extra hour of daylight.

All visitors are welcome.

Details are as follows:

Date : 1 October 2017

Meeting time : 3 pm

Meeting Location : Around Melbourne Observatory / Jardin Tan Restaurant, Birdwood Ave, Melbourne VIC 3141

Duration approximately : 3 hrs

What to bring : Attire to suit the weather. A tripod if you would like to take any Macro photographs


September 2017 Twilight Photowalk - Docklands

Our next Photowalk will be held on the first Sunday in September. We will be walking around the Docklands to capture the images from various vantage points as the Sun sets in West. We will end with a social catchup at the end of the Photowalk in a Restaurant/Pub in the vicinity.

All visitors are welcome.

Details are as follows: Date : 3rd September

Meeting time : 5.30pm

Meeting Location : In front of the Age Building, 655 Collins St, Melbourne

Duration approximately : 2.5 hrs

Date: Sunday, September 3, 2017 - 5:30pm


August Photowalk 2017 - Laneways and Riverbanks of Melbourne

Our next Photowalk will be held on the first Sunday in August. We will be walking around the northern riverbanks of The Yarra and some laneways of Melbourne. We will end with a social catchup at the end of the Photowalk in a restaurant/Pub in Southbank. All visitors are welcome.

Details are as follows:

Date : 6th August

Meeting time : 2pm

Meeting Location : Entrance to the Visitor centre at Federation Square

Duration approximately : 3-4 hrs


July Photowalk in Docklands 2 July 2017

Our next photowalk will be held on 2 July at Docklands to visit the Docklands Firelight festival. For more information please visit

We will meet in front of the NAB building (800 Bourke St, Docklands) at 6pm see below.

We will start with a quick tutorial on taking fireworks images by one of our members, David Gilliver prior to walking down Newquay Promenade to enjoy the roving performers with fire breathers, dancers to drummers and musicians. It will be a good opportunity to take photographs in the available light and fireworks photography.

Date: Sunday, July 2, 2017 - 6:00pm


Weekend Photowalk 4th June 2017 at 2pm - Historic buildings and Parks in South Melbourne - FREE EVENT

Date: Sunday, June 4, 2017 - 2:00pm

Melbourne Camera Club will be hosting it first weekend Photowalk - Historic buildings and Parks in South Melbourne - on Sunday 4th June 2017, commencing at 2pm. We welcome all photographers who like to shoot in all medium types (Film, Digital on a DSLR, Digital on a Phone, Poloroid, etc) . We will meet at the club rooms where we will outline the route of the walk and will end up at a venue for drinks to share our experiences of the afternoon. This is open and free to all members and non members. Please feel free to invite your friends.

We would encourage you to let us know via email below or through our Facebook page that you are coming for planning purposes. 

Our email addresses are or 

Our intended route is as follow:-

1. St. Peter & St. Paul Church (1872,1879,1913)

2. O'Connell's Hotel - Cnr Montague & Coventry Sts

3. Iron Houses, 399 Coventry St

4. Walk along Coventry St and cross Ferrars St into Sth Melbourne Market Area, keep walking to Clarendon St. 

5. Clarendon St Terraces

6. Town Hall, Library, Police Station -Bank St

7. Patross Knitting Mill - 266-356 Park St

8. Emerald Hotel - Clarendon & Raglan Sts

9. Chinese Temple (Joss House) in Raglan St (1866, 1901)

10. South Melbourne Temperance Hall (1863) at 199-207 Napier St 

11. McKIlliop Family Services (1863-1866) -at 237 Cecil St

12. Memorial Hall - Helenic RSL  in Martin St

13. St. Vincent Place Garden

14. END -  Railway Hotel - Cnr Ferrars and Bank Sts