Portrait Group - Information for Models


The Portrait Group is made up of both professional and amateur photographers who have a common interest in portrait photography. These nights are a great way to further our skills, learn from each other and provide an opportunity to shoot different faces each month.

For new members to the Club it is a great opportunity to learn about portraiture and observe and practise in a relaxed environment.

For our models it is a fun night and a very inexpensive method of putting together a portfolio of images. Each photographer obtains different results and in the past models have received back numerous images, many that they are really pleased with.

Models who are keen for further work (mostly trade for prints) often make contacts on the night and seek follow up individual shoots with some of the photographers (but this is totally at your discretion).


Meeting on the first Monday of the month, the portrait group starts photographing at 8pm to around 10.30pm. However, on some occasions it can continue for a little longer. This of course is totally dependent on our portrait model's time availability. Please let me know what time you can stay until. We are grateful for any time you can spare.

If possible please arrive between 7:20pm and 7:30pm so that we can familiarise you with the clubrooms and answer any final questions you may have. We're at the Club Rooms any time from 7:00pm setting up.


Melbourne Camera Club 256 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne (corner Dorcas St) - the big grey building, entry in Dorcas Street.

Parking is available in Ferrars Street. Please park on the opposite side of the road as permit zones exist closer to the Clubrooms.

What to bring:

Outfits, props, makeup, accessories and ideas!

If you have a particular use for the images or a concept in mind then please bring clothes and props that are appropriate. For example if the images will be used in your resume then a business suit always works best unless you work as a clown and then a different outfit might be more suitable.

We like to have some variety during the year, with shoots in recent years including bands, singers, fashion shoots, bollywood dancers, musicians, business attire, jugglers, acrobats, formal wear, Star Wars characters and a pregnant model.

If you have any favourite clothes you'd like to be photographed in then please feel free to bring them along. We aim to normally shoot models in at least two outfits during the evening. More if time and setups allow.

Suggestions include:

  • formal wear (eg. black tie, evening gown)
  • corporate (eg. business suit)
  • smart casual
  • casual (eg. jeans, t-shirt)
  • sports wear
  • themed eg. clown, 1920's, gangster

Plain colours usually work best - stripes, patterned materials tend to detract from the face. Though a number of photographers prefer strong colours like reds, blacks and blues, pastels can also come up quite well. Bring a selection and then you can take your pick. If you are not sure bring a selection and we will advise you what will work best.


You will be responsible for your own hair and makeup (unless you have a friend coming along with you who's a makeup artist or hair stylist).

Some models have problems with their skin getting shiny under the lights so if you have a powder that suits your complexion please bring it.

Bring a hairbrush! Clean freshly washed hair always photographs best and it's handy having a brush to run through it throughout the night.

What to expect:

We usually have 2 studios set up. Varying from month to month we can have anywhere from 5 to 20 photographers there on the night. Usually we average about 15 people and they come and go throughout the evening.

We try to divide the portrait model's time between the 2 studios to make the most of photographer's preferences, different lighting effects and varying backdrops.

During the course of the night photographers will take turns in shooting you. They will give you directions on poses they think will work well and will also listen to you on anything you are after.

Feel free if you want to bring someone along with you. It is important to us that our models feel relaxed and comfortable in the studio environment.

If there are any particular images you'd love of yourself be it for work, resume, personal then let us know and we will do our best to achieve the look you are after. Otherwise most of the photographers have fairly good ideas and are pretty good at improvising.

Your images:

Each photographer is expected to provide some images for you as a thank you for your time. This can be in the form of a Dropbox link, cd, data dvd or printed photos depending on the photographers preference. Images/cd's are returned to the club within 1 month and promptly forwarded to models.

If you are happy to give your email or contact details to individual photographers for further shoots or for emailing images that is your choice.

As a general rule we don't give out portrait model's contact details and merely have a single contact point at the Club who collects all images/cds and passes them on.

Photographers in the club may use the photos in their portfolios, but not for commercial purposes without a signed release from the model. This is not normally the case, with most photographers in the group looking to develop their portraiture skills.

Confirming your availability:

One thing we do ask is that if you do book in as a model, you do commit to showing up on the night, and where possible if you can't make it, let me know as soon as you can so I can arrange with the standby model to come along.

We still need as much notice as possible if plans suddenly need to change, so ideally a few days would be great, or if you're sick the day of the shoot, please call or text me as early as possible. If you're running late on the night, please call to let me know.

I look forward to seeing you at the Portrait Group.


Sam Alessi

MCC Portrait Group Model Liaison

Contact Sam Alessi


The Melbourne Camera Club ACN: 004 344 54?9 254-256 Ferrars Street South Melbourne