Rules for Monthly Competitions


1.    Aim

To encourage members to improve their photography through participation in regular competitions.

2.    Eligibility

All financial members of the Club (including “Introduction to Photography” course provisional members) are eligible to enter monthly competitions.

3.    Types of Competitions

There are two sections: Print and PDI (Projected Digital Images).

In each section there will be two competitions: Open and Set-subject.

Competitions will be held once each month, from February through October.

4.    Grades

Grades are intended to represent a member’s proficiency and experience in photographic competitions and apply to Open Print and Open PDI competitions only. There are no grades in the Set-subject Print or Set-subject PDI competitions.

Open Print: 3 grades – “A”, “B” and “Novice”.

In the Open Print competition, new members will generally start in “Novice” or “B” grade. In the “Novice” grade, entries will be restricted to a maximum mount size of 30.5 x 20.3 cm (12 x 8 inches). Once a member has entered prints in the Open “B” grade competition, they are no longer eligible to enter prints in “Novice” grade”. (See exception for experienced new members.)

Open PDI: 2 grades – “A” and “B”.

In the Open PDI competition, new members will generally start in “B” grade. (See exception for experienced new members.)

Exception: Experienced new members that have had their photographic skills recognized by the Competition Committee under paragraph 12 may start immediately in A Grade.

A member will have the same grade for both the Open Print and Open PDI competitions, unless the member competes in the Novice grade for Open print, in which case they will enter in B Grade for the Open PDI.

5.    Entries

Open Print and PDI competitions: up to two (2) entries per member in each competition.

Set-subject Print and PDI competitions: one (1) entry per member in each competition.

Entries in the Open Print and Open PDI competitions must be, for each particular competition, in the same grade as the member’s ranking.

Specific rules concerning the format and presentation of entries for the Print and PDI competitions are described below.

Print entries must be registered, and on display by 8:00PM on the evening of the Print competition.

PDI entries must be uploaded via the Club’s website by midnight on the evening of the Club meeting two weeks prior to the PDI competition. The URL for the upload page is:  The Help page video tutorial is accessible from the Competitions home page. These pages, together with additional information can be accessed from the Club’s website PDI Competition page

It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that all entries are submitted before the nominated closing time and that entries conform to these rules.

Format and Presentation of Prints

  1. The entrant must have made the original exposure from which the print is produced.
  2. Negatives or slides from which a print is produced may be commercially processed.
  3. Prints may be either commercially or home processed.
  4. All prints must be mounted, and must be marked with the entrant’s name and grade on the back.
  5. Framed prints are not permitted.
  6. The maximum mount size of prints entered in the Set-subject or Open “A” or “B” grades is 50.8 x 40.6 cm (20 x 16 inches). Note, this will allow prints to be entered in interclub competitions and photographic salons.
  7. The maximum mount size for prints entered in the Open “Novice” grade is 30.5 x 20.3 cm (12 x 8 inches).
  8. Monochrome prints contain only one colour, but can be toned, tinted or dyed on their entire surface. Partial toning and/or the addition of any extra colour are not acceptable.
  9. All prints not conforming to the monochrome criteria will be classified as colour prints.


Format and Presentation of PDI’s

  1. The entrant must have made the original exposure and any digital manipulation of the image.
  2. PDI’s must be in the JPEG file type.
  3. PDI’s must be in the sRGB colour space.
  4. The maximum size of a PDI is 1920 pixels (maximum width) by 1200 pixels (maximum height) and be contained in a file of 2Mb (2,048Kb) or smaller.
  5. Entries will be presented to the judge without title or makers name.


MCC Policy on Use of Member’s Images

In consideration of submitting photographs to any competition of The Melbourne Camera Club ("The Club"), the maker grants The Club a limited license to exhibit the submitted photographs on its premises during the competition and any associated exhibitions. It is also a condition of entry that photographs or facsimiles of photographs awarded with a commendation or higher award ("Awarded Photographs") may be used by The Club for the purposes including, without limitation, documenting, reporting and promoting the competition into which Awarded Photographs are entered or a similar competition or exhibition ("Agreed Use"). The photographer grants to The Club the right to reproduce Awarded Photographs for the Agreed Use. The Club undertakes to appropriately credit images to the maker when Awarded Photographs are used.


The photographer retains full copyright of his/her photographs and The Club undertakes not to sell members' photographs without the consent of the photographer.

6.    Additional Conditions

  1. Entrants may not enter the same or a substantially similar image in both the Print and PDI competitions in the same month.
  2. Entrants may not enter the same or a substantially similar image in a monthly competition if it has previously received a Commended or Highly Commended Award in any monthly competition or has won an award in an End of Year Competition.
  3. Submission of an image into any monthly competition signifies the acceptance of these rules and conditions of entry.

7.    Judges

The MCC board will appoint a Judges Coordinator who will be responsible for inviting suitable judges to each monthly competition.

Judges will review and comment on all entries, then present awards to those they believe are worthy of such recognition. The judge’s decision shall be final.

8.    Awards

There will be two levels of award for all competitions; Commended and Highly Commended. The number and level of awards in each competition is left to the judge’s discretion.

Each month the judges will also make awards for the Best Colour Print, Best Monochrome Print, Best Colour PDI and Best Monochrome PDI. These awards will be chosen from all Highly Commended entries in both Open and Set-subject Competitions on that evening.

9.    Point Scores

Entries will score points as follows:

          Highly Commended                                     5 points

          Commended                                               3 points

          All other entries                                          1 point

          Best Colour Print of the Month                     1 additional point

          Best Monochrome Print of the month            1 additional point

          Best Colour PDI of the month                       1 additional point

          Best Monchrome PDI of the month               1 additional point

10.  End of Year Trophies

Aggregate Trophies will be awarded to the members who gain the highest total aggregate of points during the year in their respective grade(s) of the monthly Open Print and PDI competitions, and the Set-subject Print and PDI competitions. In the event of a tie for any placing, the winner shall be the member with the most Best of Month awards, and if still tied, the most Highly Commended awards and so on until a winner has been decided.

The Photographer of the Year Award will be presented to the member with the highest combined total points (from Commended and Highly Commended awards only) from all monthly Print and PDI competitions for that year.

11.  Competition Committee

The MCC Board will appoint a Competition Committee of three or more members who have maintained a consistently high standard of achievement in Club competitions during the past three years.

The Competition Committee shall be responsible for assessing members’ folios for promotion, recommending rule changes and dealing with appeals by entrants. Disputes will be handled by a quorum of the Competition Committee and their decision will be final.

12.  Promotions and Determining Grade of Members

The Competition Committee shall consider all re-grading of participating members and new members to the competition and make recommendations to the Board.

Promotion from “Novice” to “B” grade: members may elect to move to “B” grade at any time. Note however that points awarded in “Novice” cannot be aggregated with points awarded in “B” grade in respect of the Aggregate Trophies.

Promotion to “A” grade, or direct admission of new members to “A” grade, will be determined by the MCC Board on the recommendation of the Competition Committee. In making such recommendations, the Competition Committee may take into account any or all of the following:

  • a folio of ten or more recent Prints or PDI’s submitted for assessment; or,
  • proof that the member has been awarded ten or more acceptances of Prints or PDI’s in APS or FIAP accredited national or international exhibitions/salons; or,
  • outstanding performance in “B” grade competitions.

NOTE: Competition gradings apply to all monthly competitions, for example, if a member is A grade in prints they must enter in A grade in PDI. The exception to this is Novice Print workers who must enter into the B grade PDI competition

Revised – April 2016