A Successful World Pinhole Photography Day 2015

On Sunday the 26th April, the Traditional Darkroom Printmakers Group celebrated WPPD 2015 with a workshop on making and using pinhole cameras. Shane Booth was the workshop leader.

This was the 5th year in a row we have done this

An invitation was sent to camera clubs around the state and two visitors came up from Geelong – Andrew Cerasuolo and his wife Leanne. An intern working for Goldstreet Studios, Jeannine plus partner Duff also participated. One of Shane's colleagues from the large format area, Matt  Ross, brought his 12 year old analog photographer son, Oliver, along. Then we had Margot, Sally, Milan, Carmen, Joyce plus one of the founding attendees at pinhole day, Richard. And Scott was there helping us with hooking the scanner up to the computer - plus getting the scanning done. I don't think I have missed anyone.

Oliver getting his gear together to capture the day     Richard with yet another paint tin.

If you had not realised how involved the day was, most people made a complete camera. They took a tin or box, prepared a place for the lens to go, sprayed the inside with black paint and then made the lens. This required thinning a piece of soft drink can to shim thickness before making a hole somewhere between 0.3mm and 0.7mm. Some had to do a repeat of this step because of a bad hole.

Finally, the lens had to be fixed onto the box/tin and the overall camera light sealed.

All of this could take an hour or more. And they were yet to take a photo.

Sally and the intensity of it all

The day started with rain and that created a bit of as challenge for cameras based upon a cardboard box.

Some of the results of Sundays efforts have been posted by Shane on the WPPD website's 2015 Gallery. You can find it at:


then select Country → Australia Province → Victoria City → South Melbourne

Oliver recorded some of the days activity on film (HP5) and we have some images.

Note the pinhole camera between the tracks at the end of the divider Shane working with Carmen, Duff and Leanne
Andrew, Sally (background), Carmen, Leanne and Shane Jeannine, Sally, Margot and Leanne
Duff and Jeannine with Margot in the background