TDPG Annual Exhibition Details

The 18th Annual Traditional Darkroom Printmakers Group Exhibition: 

18th  & 19th  and 25th & 26th of August 2018 - 10.00-5.00 on each day

Opening: Thursday 16th August at  8.00pm

Exhibition theme: White-Black/Black-White

Opening event: A dialog with printmakers on their exhibition projects


The Exhibition

The prints will go beyond quality black and white images into historical processes such as gum bichromate, cyanotype and carbon printing. Viewers will be given an insight into the stunning detail that a true photographic print can render.

As an additional display, some photographers have chosen to compile prints in hand-crafted books, made using traditional bookbinding techniques. These photo albums will show what can be done to create a unique presentation of images, designed to turn individual photographs into a treasured keepsake.