VAPS 2016 Interclub - MCC Participant Scores

Overall results from top 10 scores per club:

Open prints – MCC equal 7th.

Individual print scores

Exploring Namibia Peter Walton 12
Helmet Head John van Hirsel 12
A moment captured Jane Barnes 11
Beauty Knows No Age Marg Huxtable 15, Merit
Essentially Neave Jane Clancy 12
Frankie, Loch Sport David Ellis 13
Je T’aime Frances Egan 14
Adonis Triumphant Neil Cunningham 10
Rest Break John Parkinson 11
Day’s track John Spring 12
Nature Study Judi Mowlem 13
Rich Man’s Tots Joanne Rinaldi 11
Gunbower Fog Brian Seddon 11
Terpsichorean Leap Teng Tan 14
Mira Tina Thomson 10


Open projected images – MCC  3rd.

Individual scores

A problem no more John Jovic 10
It’s mine Frances Egan 13
Water, oil, wood Robert Groom 10
Rock Flow Tuck Leong 11
Roundup Peter Walton 13
Secret Falls Toby Frost 11
Morning Glory Jane Barnes 13
MONA Robert Fairweather 11
Ophelia Teng Tan 13
Lake Eildon foggy morning Annette Donald 12
Welcome to my country Jim Weatherill 11
This fish Joanne Rinaldi 12
No comment Karin Volz 10
I see you Susan Brunialti 14, Merit
On her way out Marg Huxtable 12


Additionally, Martin Clancy also received merits in print and PDI representing Essendon Camera Club.

Audio Visual Open

Three, Four, Open the Door Sue Rocco 17.00
Survivor Barb Butler 16.67

Audio Visual 3.21

Genesis Bob Thomas 18.33
Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens Robert Fairweather 13.33

In the Audio Visual Open, 1st place went to Bob Thomas representing MCC for “Genesis”. Sue Rocco had 2nd place and a merit representing Caulfield Photographic Society and Jane Clancy 3rd place representing Essendon Camera Club.

In the Audio Visual 3.21, 2nd place went to Sue Rocco representing MCC for “Three, Four, Open the Door” and 3rd place to Barbara Butler for “Survivor”.

For the Overall Audio Visual competition, MCC placed first and holds the Interclub Perpetual Trophy Audio Visual for 2016.