End Of Year Competition Overview

The highlight of MCC's competition year is the End of Year Competition, where members can showcase their best Prints, PDIs, and Audio-Visuals in various themed sections. Prizes and trophies are awarded for the best work in every section and there are extra prizes for the most successful monthly competition workers.

This page is an overview of the End of Year Competition rules only. Please ensure you read the rules properly by following these links:

End of Year rules


For the standard themes of Open, Photojournalism, People, Creative, Nature and Landscape, members may enter up to 6 prints and 8 PDI's.

The Special Subject Competition in 2018 is Multicultural Melbourne.

Listed below is some general information about the competition.


There will be sections for Prints, PDI’s and Audio Visuals.


There are a number of options within the print competition:

Themes of: Open, Photojournalism, People (including portrait and figure study), Creative, Landscape and Nature. Members may enter up to six (6) prints with no more 4 entries in any one theme.

Print Special Subject: Multicultural Melbourne. Members may enter one (1) print in this section.

Print Photo Essay: a print photo essay consists of a minimum of 3 related images mounted on a single mount board (maximum size 40cm x 50 cm). Members may enter one (1) photo essay.

New Member Novice Print: Members who have joined the club in the past 12 months and have been entering in the Novice section of the monthly print competition may enter an additional two (2) prints in this section.

Entries for the print competition must be delivered to End of Year Competition organisers or a member of the Competition Committee at the clubrooms, with signed entry forms on or by 9.30pm 8 November 2018.


Themes of: Open, Photojournalism, People (including portrait and figure study), Creative, Landscape and Nature. Members may enter up to 8 images with no more 4 entries in any one theme.

PDI Special Subject: Multicultural Melbourne, one PDI entry only.

The same formats as used for the monthly competitions apply:  maximum 1920 x 1200 pixels in a file of 2Mb or smaller; be in the sRGB colour space and be of the JPEG file format.

Entries must be submitted by internet upload by 9.30pm 8 November 2018. By using this upload facility, you acknowledge that you have read the rules of the competition and submit to those rules.

PDI Upload link


An AV is defined for this competition as a photo essay of linked sequential still images which maybe animated by techniques including but not limited to transitions, panning, zooming and others; and an AV may include synchronised audio to the images, comprising any or all of - music, narration, poetry and sound effects. AV’s can run for a maximum of 12 minutes. AV’s that have a run time of exactly 3 minutes and 21 seconds also qualify to be considered for the 321 award. Members may enter up to 2 AV’s.


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2018 Entry Forms

AV Rules & Entry Form EOY 2018

Competition Committee

If you need any assistance in interpreting the rules, please speak with a member of the Competition Committee - Jim Weatherill, John Spring, Marg Huxtable, Charles Kosina, Ian Bock, Gary Richardson or Frances Egan.

2017 End of Year Competition Sponsors

The following organisations generously donated prizes to the MCC's 2017 End of Year Competition.


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