2012 End of Year Awards

  MCC Monthly 'Print' Competition - Aggregated Scores

​Winning Photos can be seen below the results

A Grade

1st     Len Mullumby Trophy                     Ray Farrugia

2nd                                                         Margaret Huxtable

3rd                                                          Ray Huntley

B Grade

1st     Leigh Hawke Trophy                      Greg Hotson

2nd                                                         Frances Egan

3rd                                                          Jane Clancy

Novice Grade         

1st     Peter Hunter Trophy                      Bubbles Segall

2nd                                                         Ken Warburton

3rd                                                          Kathryn Hocking

Open Set Subject

1st                                                          Gary Richardson

2nd                                                         Ian Bock

3rd                                                          Jane Clancy


  MCC Monthly 'EDI' Competition - Aggregated Scores

A Grade

1st     Albert R Andrews Trophy               Steve Spencer

2nd                                                         David Gilliver

3rd                                                          Margaret Huxtable

B Grade

1st     Norton Hobson Trophy                   Joshua Reuveni

2nd                                                         Alan Donald

3rd                                                          Martin Clancy

Open Set Subject

1st                                                          Frances Egan

2nd                                                         Jane Clancy

3rd                                                          Margaret Huxtable


                                                                Queenie Gatt Award

                               (Awarded for outstanding non-photographic contribution to the club)

                                                                       Alan Elliott


                                                         2012 Photographer of the Year

(The Photographer of the Year Award is for the most outstanding achiever in Print & EDI comps throughout 2012)

                                                                       Jane Clancy


   2012 'End of Year' Print Competition Winners

New Member Novice 'Open'

Mal McKay Trophy - Neil Brink - 'Isthmus Bay - Briny Island Tasmania'

Highly Commended - Gail Morgan - 'Zanders View'

Highly Commended - Toby Frost - 'Motocross'



Crosby Morrison Trophy - Annette James - 'Snow Dear'

Highly Commended - Robert Fairweather - 'Saltwater Crocodile'

Highly Commended - Steve Spencer - 'Feeding Time'


Land, Sea or Cloudscape

Charles Seymour Trophy - Frances Egan - 'Champs Elysees'

Highly Commended - Leif Anderson - 'First Light Wanaka Tree'

Highly Commended - Jane Clancy - 'Storm Clouds Approaching'



L.A. Baillot Trophy - Leif Anderson - 'Hanging the Kelp'

Highly Commended - Judi Mowlem - 'Scavenger'

Highly Commended - Jim Weatherill - 'The Cremation Ceremony'



H. McConnell Trophy - Jim Weatherill - 'Family'

Highly Commended - John Mallett - 'Decisions Decisions'

Highly Commended - Ian Bock - 'The Instrument Maker'


Figure Study

Dr. Geoffrey Smith Trophy - Frances Egan - 'Catch of the Day'



Best Creative print - Ian Bock - Silver #2  


Highly Commended - Annette James - 'Butte from Dead Horse Point'

Highly Commended - Ian Bock - 'Three Hands'



Best Open Print - John Parkinson - 'Bunker Bay'

Highly Commended - Nicole Andrews - 'Floral Art'

Highly Commended - Shelly Black - 'Sun Roof'

Highly Commended - Ray Huntley - 'Window Cleaning'

Highly Commended - Judi Mowlem - 'Secret Meeting'


Photo Essay

Best Photo Essay - Jane Clancy - 'Communication Changes'

Highly Commended - Robert Fairweather - 'Drake a' Dabbling'

Highly Commended - Martin Clancy - 'Vine to Glass'


Special Set Subject - 'After Ken Duncan'

Best Special Set Subject - Gail Morgan - 'Cable Beach Camels'

Highly Commended - Martin Clancy - 'Echuca Wharf'


             Michaels Camera Digital Video Award for Best Colour print

                                     Judi Mowlem - 'Life In Detail'



   Michaels Camera Digital Video Award for Best Monochrome print

                          Steve Spencer - 'Guilty As Charged'



'Photography is Fun' Trophy - The Bockey

 Jane Clancy - 'Communication Changes'


                                                   Prints of the Year

                              Charles Du Rieu Trophy   equal winner

                                            Ian Bock - 'Silver #2'

                                 Charles Du Rieu Trophy   equal winner

                                        John Parkinson - 'Bunker Bay'


2012 'End of Year' EDI Competition Winners


Ted Rotheram Trophy - Judi Mowlem - 'Mud Flats from above'

Highly Commended - Gary Richardson - 'How Many More'

Highly Commended - Phil Marley - 'New Holland Honeyeater'


Land, Sea or Cloudscape

Harry Cleveland Trophy - Martin Clancy - 'Strath Creek'

Highly Commended - Jane Clancy - 'One lone tree'

Highly Commended - Judi Mowlem - 'Kununurra Fields'

Highly Commended - Sharon King - 'Rock and Light'



Alan Elliott Perpetual Trophy - Marg Huxtable - 'Fearless Threesome'

Highly Commended - Marg Huxtable - 'Heavy'

Highly Commended - Steve Spencer - 'United in Grief'



Wilf Broadhead Trophy - Joshua Reuveni - 'Spiritual'

Highly Commended - Alan Elliott - 'Jeff'

Highly Commended - Ken Warburton - 'Three Bares'

Highly Commended - Martin Clancy - 'David'

Highly Commended - Jane Clancy - 'India'



Best Creative EDI - Alan Donald - 'Blue Mist'

Highly Commended - Phil Marley - 'Inversion'

Highly Commended - Steve Spencer - 'Life goes by in a blur'



Grace Lock Trophy - Jane Clancy - 'Snails on the Move'

Highly Commended - Joshua Reuveni - 'Melbourne Alive'

Highly Commended - Alan Donald - 'Leucadendron'

Highly Commended - Ray Huntley - 'Handrail'

Highly Commended - Ray Huntley - 'On the Stairs'

                  Michaels Camera Video Digital Award for Best EDI

                          Peter Walton - 'Yarra Valley Shadows'