2013 End of Year Awards

2013 End of Year Awards

  MCC Monthly 'Print' Competition - Aggregated Scores

Winning photos can be seen below the results

A Grade

1st     Len Mullumby Trophy                      Gary Richardson

2nd                                                          Frances Egan

3rd                                                           Ian Bock

B Grade

1st     Leigh Hawke Trophy                         Ken Bretherton

2nd                                                          Toby Frost

3rd                                                           Guy Toner

Novice Grade

1st     Peter Hunter Trophy                       Alan Harper

2nd                                                         Rob Gullan

3rd                                                          David Beardsley

Open Set Subject

1st                                                          Ken Bretherton

2nd                                                         Gary Richardson

3rd                                                          Frances Egan


MCC Monthly 'EDI' Competition - Aggregated Scores

A Grade

1st     Albert R Andrews Trophy               Gary Richardson

2nd                                                         Joshua Reuveni

3rd                                                          Mark Smith

B Grade

1st     Norton Hobson Trophy                   Chetan Kumar

2nd                                                         Joanne Rinaldi

3rd                                                          Bharath Ramalingam

Open Set Subject

1st                                                          Bharath Ramalingam

2nd                                                         Gary Richardson

3rd                                                          Joanne Rinaldi


                                                                Queenie Gatt Award

                     (Awarded for outstanding non-photographic contribution to the club)

                                                                     David Purdue


                                                         2013 Photographer of the Year

(The Photographer of the Year Award is for the most outstanding achiever in Print & EDI comps throughout 2013)

                                                                Gary Richardson



2013 'End of Year' Print Competition Winners



Crosby Morrison Trophy – Marg Huxtable – ‘Maternal Instincts'

Highly Commended – Frances Egan – ‘Glacier Bay’

Highly Commended Joanne Rinaldi – ‘Feeding Down Under’

Highly Commended Peter Tredrea – ‘Me Too’

Highly Commended – Jim Weatherill - 'Baby – It’s Cold Out There'


Land, Sea or Cloudscape

Charles Seymour Trophy – Jane Clancy – ‘Sculptures in the mist’

Highly Commended – Jane Clancy - 'Sunrise through the fog'

Highly Commended - Jane Clancy - 'Milford Sound 1'

Highly Commended - Jane Clancy – ‘Wanaka Tranquility’

Highly Commended – Ken Warburton – ‘Tributaries’



L.A. Baillot Trophy – John Spring - 'Socks'

Highly Commended Ken Bretherton - 'Lest we forget'

Highly Commended – Gary Richardson – ‘Form of a champion’



H. McConnell Trophy – Guy Toner - 'Sienna Smoko'

Highly Commended – Leif Anderson - 'Julia'

Highly Commended – Joanne Rinaldi - 'Peek-a-Boo'

Highly Commended – Jim Weatherill – ‘Morry’


Dr. Geoffrey Smith Trophy – Figure Study not awarded this year



Best Creative print – Toby Frost – ‘Pencils’  

Highly Commended – Ian Bock – ‘The Gallery’

Highly Commended – John Spring – ‘C What’



Best Open Print – Ian Bock - 'New born'

Highly Commended – David Ellis - 'Blacksmith’s Shop'

Highly Commended – Sharon King – ‘Man on a chair’

Highly Commended – John Mallett – ‘The word at 1799’


Photo Essay

Best Photo Essay – Nicole Andrews – ‘Going going gone’

Highly Commended – Jim O’Donnell - 'After the earthquake'


Special Set Subject - 'After Karsh of Ottowa'

Best Special Set Subject – David Ellis – ‘Thelma Helen Ellis’

Highly Commended – Peter Tredrea – ‘Cliff’


New Member Novice 'Open'

Mal McKay Trophy – Siddhesh Jukar – ‘Strong Woman'

Highly Commended – Rob Gullan - 'Street Life’

Highly Commended – Julie Ughetti - 'Geyser Landscape'




                                                      Michaels Camera Digital Video Award for Best Colour print


                                                                                  Jane Clancy – ‘Leaf Study’



                                                    Michaels Camera Digital Video Award for Best Monochrome print


                                                                               Frances Egan – ‘Marie’


                                                                    'Photography is Fun' Trophy - The Bockey


                                                                              Frances Egan – ‘Little Mermaid’


                                                                                       Print of the Year

                                                                                 Charles Du Rieu Trophy  


                                                                               Ian Bock – ‘New Born’


2013 'End of Year' EDI Competition Winners



Ted Rotherham Trophy – Tuck Leong – ‘Courtship Ritual'

Highly Commended – Phil Marley – ‘What are you looking at?’

Highly Commended – Mark Smith - ‘Springbok on the Deadvlei’

Highly Commended – Jane Barnes – ‘Red Tail Delight’


Land, Sea or Cloudscape

Harry Cleveland Trophy – Tuck Leong – ‘Snow Daisies Landscape’

Highly Commended – Jane Clancy – ‘Tasman Glacier Gold’

Highly Commended – Gary Richardson – ‘Treeline’

Highly Commended – Mark Smith – ‘16th Beach Sunrise’

Highly Commended – Charles Kosina – ‘Cathedral Mountain, BC’



Alan Elliott Trophy – George Chan – ‘Bravo’

Highly Commended Tuck Leong – ‘Snow Load Emergency’

Highly Commended – Leif Anderson – ‘Call from Heaven’

Highly Commended Jim Weatherill – ‘Bolte Bridge Accident’



Wilf Broadhead Trophy – Joshua Reuveni – ‘Early Morning’

Highly Commended – Jane Clancy – ‘Young Ballerinas’

Highly Commended – Frances Egan – ‘Pumping Iron’

Highly Commended – George Chan – ‘Chinese Cook’



Best Creative EDI – Frances Egan – ‘Up Close and Personal with Nature’

Highly Commended – Ian Bock – ‘After Monet’

Highly Commended – Peter Tredrea – ‘What Time’



Grace Lock Trophy – Joanne Rinaldi – ‘Smoking street of Agra’

Highly Commended – Colin Booth – ‘The Bridge’

Highly Commended – Jane Clancy – ‘Overlooking Granville Island’

Highly Commended – Robert Fairweather – ‘Shipwreck’


                                                                                               EDI of the Year

                                                                                         Alan G. Gray Trophy


                                                                                  Joshua Reuveni – ‘Early Morning’




                                                                               Silhouette Sponsored award only

                                                                                2nd Place – George Chan – ‘Bravo’


                                                                                    Michaels EDI of the Year


                                                                                  Martin Clancy – ‘St Clare #2’


Best Open Audio Visual

Winner – Barb Butler – ‘Deities and Devotions’

Highly Commended - Phil Marley – ‘Judgement Day’

There was no 3.21 Award