First meeting of the Photo Discussion Group

Our first MCC Photo Discussion Group meeting was held on July 13th 2009, and began with a good attendance by very enthusiastic members.

We began with a general discussion about what members are looking to gain from the group and the suggested agenda for the next few meetings.

The night's considerable discussion centred around two lovely images from Robert Groom and Andrew Gyopar - a beautifully printed unusual plant still-life and an superb moody and unconventional portrait respectively.Issues raised included: how the images would be categorised for successful competition entry; the most compelling attributes of each image; how judges might traditionally evaluate the images; why we found each image so appealing and what the authors were intending to convey.

We were then treated to a wonderful exercise prepared by Ian Bock - where we broke up into groups and discussed our views on a number of images - conventional and "graphic". We compared each group's summary views, which opened considerable and valuable discussion - about what "made" and/or what "let down" each image.

The exercise concluded with Ian's slide show about how each image was made, "post processed" and digitally enhanced and/or manipulated. This in particular lead to much enjoyable and valuable discussion!

Solving the mysteries of life!

Interestingly that seemingly ever-present topic of photography versus graphic art reared its head, leading to lively discussion among the group. Some very interesting views were expressed with all agreeing on one key issue at least: for the final product to be a photograph, it must at least involve a source image captured through the photographic process, be it digital or film media and despite how that source image might be manipulated.But, alas, ultimately the issue comes down to: "when does an image begin to be a photograph and when does it cease to be a photograph?" We can look forward to more debate on that issue I'm sure.


Of course all members' contributions will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

Many thanks to the participants for their enthusiasm and contributions on the night. We look forward to growing numbers of participants and knowing that the Photo Discussion Group is giving members added pleasure.

Take more pictures!