About the Analogue Photography Group

Group meetings range over topics related to film, printing, alternative process and any topics members would like to discuss. A meeting tries not to talk at you but to get your input and your experience.

We also have workshops. These are usually at the weekend. Each year we try to have 5 or 6 excursions that are mainly at weekends.

The details of this range of activities can be found on our program page.

Like all MCC special interest groups, meetings are open to every MCC member and visitors are welcome.

The Analogue Photography Group Coordinator can be contact him through analoguegroup@....

Online Communication

The Analogue Group has a general announcements list for everyone who would like to know what we are up to (1-2 emails per month). To subscribe, use the Edit tab under 'My Account' and choose 'Name and Address'. At the bottom of the page you will find the Club's special interest groups. Check the box for the Analogue Group to get access to the mailing list.


The Melbourne Camera Club has a B&W Darkroom for its Members to use. Facilities include several enlargers, digital timer, all trays, tongs, jugs, drying cabinet (film), print dryer, and various other bits and pieces. Members need to supply their own consumables ie. paper and chemicals.

MCC Darkroom bookings require a $50 deposit for the key, which can be arranged on any Thursday Club night.
Sessions in the MCC Darkroom can be booked in blocks of 3 hours up to a total of 12 hours for the very reasonable price of $10 per 6 hours.

Membership forms are available here or in the MCC Office (upstairs) any Thursday evening from 8pm onwards.

Please note that new members are requested to meet with the Facilities Coordinator and/or Analogue Basics course leader in the darkroom (one way to do that would be by attending a printmakers meeting) before being enabled to make their own bookings using the online booking system.

Details on how to access the Darkroom and the Booking System are available on-line

MCC Darkroom Use Guidelines